The Lingerie Football League Has Completely New Uniforms For 2017

You’re gonna want to see this.

We all know and love the Legends Football League, formerly known as the Lingerie Football League. You know, the women’s tackle football league where badass lady athletes toss a football around while wearing the skimpiest uniforms ever? The one that NFL legend Jerry Rice’s smoking hot daughter is trying out for? Yeah, that one.

Well, folks, as the former name blatantly implies, the uniform of the Legends Football League is straight up lingerie. A bra and sporty panties that leaves little to the imagination. Obviously just some normal football apparel.

However, the whole "lingerie" thing seemed to be a smidge too distracting for some fans (I wonder why), so sadly, they decided to change the uniforms into something slightly more conservative.

“The uniform has been subject to a lot of discussion and at times controversy since the sport’s inception in 2009,” media relations director Philip Darnell said in a press release. “Original uniforms from 2009 to 2012 when the brand was known as the Lingerie Football League were a skimpier sports bra and boy shorts with lingerie accents.

“In 2013, with the re-brand to Legends Football League, there was a complete change of fabric to performance compression wear and all lingerie accents were removed."

“Fast forward to 2017, the next major evolution of the on-field uniform has arrived, full pants uniforms which will place more of the viewer’s attention on the athlete and sport as well as providing greater safety for athletes.”

As you can see, some of the uniforms swapped out the skimpy boy shorts for thermal long johns, or tights, or something. 

But the question here is: will the new uniforms be any less distracting? Will devoted fans, a.k.a. dudes looking to get their jollies, be able to disengage their unyielding gaze from the muscular booty inside of the uniform, and instead focus on the sport being played?

Yeah... no. Probably not. 

Anyway, good luck out there, ladies. 

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