Logan Paul vs. Jose Canseco: Who Ya Got?

YouTube sensation Paul referenced Canseco’s model daughter in a savage tweet. Go to versusgame.com on your phone to vote for who would prevail in the boxing ring!

Logan Paul Josie Canseco Jose Canseco Split Promo
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Another celebrity boxing match featuring a Paul brother is brewing—this time between Logan Paul and controversial former MLB player Jose Canseco. 

After Jake Paul’s viral knockout of NBA player Nate Robinson on the Mike Tyson/Roy Jones Jr. undercard, retired Oakland A’s slugger Canseco fired off a tweet with a challenge for either of the YouTube-famous Paul brothers. 

“I will fight anyone of the Logan Brothers they have enough for anyone with any type of talent yet or fighting skills,” Canseco wrote. 

Logan Paul then ruthlessly reminded Canseco of his prior relationship with the two-time World Series champ’s model daughter Josie, writing, “No problem. i love smashing cansecos.” 


That prompted what sounded like a dead-serious response from Canseco, who wrote, “Okay since you like smashing Canseco Logan get ahold of my agent Mike Maguire let’s get this done.” 

So if this extra spicy Twitter feud actually spills into the ring, who would win? Though Logan Paul lost his sole professional boxing match against rapper KSI, the 25-year-old Internet villain is a full three decades younger than his 56-year-old Canseco and is in pretty great shape.


But at six-foot-four, former pro athlete Canseco has a slight height advantage over the six-foot-two Paul. He also claimed to be a huge Floyd Mayweather fan in a later tweet, adding that he might tap the undefeated boxing legend to train him. 

Would Canseco beat the younger man, or would Paul keep his so-called “smashing” record intact? 

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