Watch the World Long Drive Champ Thank ‘Super Hot Wife’ After Smashing 435 Yard Shot

This is an instant classic.

The sport of long drive, which is won by sending golf balls into orbit, attracts some big personalities. American Justin James is not known as one of them. But after winning this week’s Volvik World Long Drive Championship by uncorking a 425-yard howler, the 27-year-old let loose in celebration of his victory. 

His first reaction after clinching the win, which came on the longest shot to ever win one of these compeitions, was to scale a wall and hug his wife.

This was followed by a trophy presentation, where James, whose nickname is the “Snapping Turtle,” channelled his inner Ricky Bobby and thanked his “super hot” wife for all her support.

If you’re unfamiliar with long drive, as we were before this week, it looks like a pretty damn good time with competitors going all out to murder golf balls. 

Sometimes, golf clubs die in the process too, and try to take out some fans with them. 

Another thing to appreciate about this sport is that it treats winning a championship like the WWE does: By giving the champ a big ugly belt.

Congrats to James and his wife, who incidentally is just as hot as he told us she was.