Very Loud Sex Screams Distracted Everyone at This Tennis Match, And It Was Amazing

The announcer first thought it was porn, but then he realized it was the real thing.


Getty Images

It’s not everyday that a video from the Sarasota Open lights up the internet. But it’s also not everyday that the internet sees a video like this. 

Let’s set the stage before diving in. Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger were squaring off in a tense battle on the grass. Suddenly, faint moans could be heard throughout the arena. Then they got louder. Then everyone stopped. 

The announcer initially mistakes it for a phone playing porn, but as it goes on he realizes what’s happening: People are trying to make the next Maria Sharapova in a nearby apartment building, and they’re being very loud. He says this is happening across a lake, which, if true, makes us fear for the lives of the people in the apartment below this loving couple. Enjoy!