A Very Sensitive Mark Cuban Bullied Bleacher Report into Deleting a Tweet of a Dirk Nowitzki Airball

And now more people will see the tweet than ever would have before.


Getty Images

NBA owner and tech billionaire Mark Cuban fancies himself a down-to-earth rich guy. It’s part of his persona. But over the weekend Cuban went out of his way to ruin that reputation by losing his mind over an innocuous tweet and bringing more attention to it than it would have ever gotten otherwise. 

Bleacher Report sent the tweet Friday night after Dirk Nowitzki put up an airball. The tweet included a video of the shot and two words: “DIRK FOREVER.”

If you follow any sports media company on Twitter, you’ll recognize this as the kind of forgettable content that passes through a timeline every night of the NBA season. But that’s not how Cuban saw it. 

On Saturday, he tweeted an image of an email he sent to David Levy, President of Turner Broadcasting, which owns Bleacher Report. Two things to note about this: First, there’s Cuban’s unhinged tone, and second, there’s the fact that he broadcasted the email, as if it would do anything but make him look like a thin-skinned cry baby.

It doesn’t end there either. Cuban also tweeted the reply from Levy along with his reply to that, in which he threatens to “communicate with the millennials” in retaliation. Oh brother.

Bleacher Report eventually caved and tweeted an apology.

Yes, that was a gutless move on their part, but if anyone in this story deserves your ire it’s the famous, rich guy who’s berating someone over a dumb tweet in an attempt to protect someone who needs no protecting. Here’s a newsflash for Cuban: Everyone knows Dirk is a legend. One tweet of one airball isn’t changing that.