Check Out These Brutal Shots From A Top MMA Photographer

From a young Conor McGregor to sexy Octagon girls…


Conor McGregor takes a swing. (Photo: Martin McNeil Photography)

Martin McNeil didn’t pick up his first camera—a pocket-sized, fixed focus 35mm Canon Sureshot—until 1990, though it would be another fifteen years before he would leave the safety of salaried employment to become a full-time photographer. 

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Having cut his teeth on live music, news and entertainment events in his native Glasgow, Martin soon began working with clients like ESPN, Vox Media and more, specializing in photographing MMA fights as they transitioned from fringe spectacle to mainstream acceptance.

Martin’s photos span not only the blood and sweat of in-the-cage action, but also more candid moments and posed portraits—you can see more of his work here

In the meantime, check out out some of his best and bloodiest MMA photos in the slideshow above.