Watch UFC Legend Matt Serra Subdue ‘Drunk’ Dude at Las Vegas Restaurant

The guy who famously beat Georges St-Pierre made quick work of this random guy.

UFC icon Matt Serra was enjoying a nice dinner in Las Vegas Wednesday when he encountered something not all too rare in Sin City: A drunk dude causing trouble. The video above shows the guy with what appears to be a comically passed-out ladyfriend, prompting him to crack a Weekend at Bernie’s joke.  

The next video Serra posted showed him on top of the same guy. “How do you spend the night before your @ufc HOF induction?!?” he wrote in the Instagram caption, “You subdue some asshole drunk that was threatening waiters then tries to swing on you.”

Props to the guy on the ground yelling about how’s going “fuck” Serra up as the former UFC grappler easily holds him down and calmly urges him to chill the hell out. He’d likely change his tune after seeing this video.

It’s been eight years since Serra has been in the cage, but the 44-year-old still has the skills to handle a dude off the street. 

Serra is one of a handful of fighters going into the UFC Hall of Fame Thursday night. He’s not headlining the class though. That honor belongs to one Ronda Rousey