The Maxim Alpha Prime Chevrolet Camaro Is Racing at Daytona International Speedway

Look for this Maxim-branded Camaro to race at the Xfinity NASCAR Experience 300 on Saturday, February 15.

Alex Gonzalez

Maxim’s Alpha Prime Chevrolet Camaro and champion driver Caesar Bacarella will return to compete in one of the year’s fastest and most riveting racing series, beginning with the Xfinity NASCAR Experience 300 this Saturday, February 15 at Florida’s Daytona International Speedway.

In 2018 and 2019, Maxim’s continued foray into the high-octane world of motorsports brought great success with the Squadra Corse Garage Italia Ferrari 488 GT3 winning the GT Sprint X-Class Championship and Blackpain World Challenge with Bacarella and Martin Fuentes behind the wheel.

Caesar Bacarella

Equipped with a naturally aspirated 710-horsepower Earnhart/Childress Racing engine, the new Alpha Prime Maxim Camaro will average 195 mph as it runs around the Daytona oval, reaching speeds of more than 200 mph. The Alpha Prime Maxim racer is scheduled to run eight races in the NASCAR Xfinity Series this year. Bacarella and DGM Racing plan to win at Daytona International Speedway this Saturday. 

Caesar Bacarella with the championship-winning Maxim Squadra Corse Garage Italia Ferrari 488 GT3

Alpha Prime Apparel, owned and operated by Bacarella, brings a new light to regular fitness apparel. The brand, which stands with Maxim as a force in men’s luxury, designs high quality lifestyle and gym apparel for both men and women.

Backed by a design team with 25-plus years of experience in the fitness garment industry, Alpha Prime is unsurprisingly burgeoning into a major player the activewear space. 

Caesar Bacarella

All designs are tested by athletes, fitness enthusiasts and everyday gym goers, who provide feedback that leads to the implementation of necessary changes and improvements before full production begins.

Unlike many competitors, Alpha Prime uses otherwise unavailable fabrics that are produced using exact specifications, sizing charts and grading specs to create unparalleled consistency across its lineup. 

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Alpha Prime Apparel plans to launch a supplement collection in March 2020.