MaximBet 101: How To Bet On Baseball

Learn how to properly bet on America’s favorite pastime with MaximBet and get yourself in the game.


MaximBet is showing how to bet on America’s favorite pastime with the MaximBet app. To watch the full baseball betting rundown with MaximBet’s Jason Zone Fisher, click here or tap the image above.


Read on for more details:

Moneylines and Runlines

Just like in other sports, when you bet on the moneyline, you’re placing on the outright winner of the game. The “runline” is baseball’s version of the spread. It’s always either plus one and a half for the underdog, or minus one and a half for the favorite.

And you can wager on the total in baseball, just like you can in other sports. The total is the combined score of both teams. If the game goes into extra innings, the total is still in play just like it is with overtime in NBA and NFL. 

Play Baseball Futures

There are also lots of future props available, from who’s going to win the world series, to pennants and division championships. If you prefer to wager on individual players, those are available as well in our player prop section, focussing on player statistics like home runs, RBIs, hits and more. 

Live In-Game Betting

Finally, just because your game is underway doesn’t mean you’ve missed your opportunity to get in on the action. Live, in-game wagering is available for every single baseball game throughout the season. It’s all pretty simple and it’s a lot of fun. 

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