Mia Khalifa Can’t Quit Roasting Chad Kelly After He Becomes ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ in the NFL Draft

Troll level: expert.

Mia Khalifa and Chad Kelly split

Once upon a time Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly thought he’d mack on a famous former porn star. The wickedly sharp-witted and sarcastic Mia Khalifa quickly made it clear he’d barked up the wrong tree, absolutely humiliating Kelly for his clumsy come-ons.

Unfortunately for Kelly, Khalifa is also a serious sports fan, and intensely devoted to teams she loves, like Florida State. As the Rebels quarterback, he never had a chance even if he was good at the DM slide (which he wasn’t).  

Kelly, who did receive some other offers to soothe his bruised ego, moved on. But it seems like Mia Khalifa will happily be his forever troll. Kelly’s relatively weak showing in the NFL Draft—he was ultimately picked up in the 7th round by the Broncos—plus a pretty pitiful shot of his living room as he waited for the result was clearly hilarious to her.

ESPN threw some gas on the fire by dubbing Kelly “Mr. Irrelevant.” 

And Mia Khalifa was clearly enjoying that.

It was a sports writer who replied to Khalifa who really gave the whole episode its punchline, though.


Just. Savage.

Uber-successful Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had a similar draft position to Kelly, and things turned out great for him, so who knows how things will go? 

Whatever happens in his career, though, Chad Kelly is now officially Twitter roadkill.