Mia Khalifa Is Trying To Distract Celtics Star Isiah Thomas With An Offer He Can’t Refuse

The porn queen and Wizards fan offered Thomas her “tiddies” on the eve of Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.


As the Celtics and Wizards gear up for a tense game seven clash in Boston tonight, fans are desperate to give their team whatever edge possible. For former porn star and current Wizards fan Mia Khalifa, that means trying to distract Celtics star Isiah Thomas.

And she tried to do just that with this tweet. 

In one sentence, Mia takes two shots at getting in Thomas’ head ahead of the biggest game of his life. First, there’s the dig at his height. But since he’s been hearing this kind of thing his whole life and has become an NBA All-Star despite being 5’9″, it’s hard to imagine that will have much effect. 

The second part is more interesting though. Mia’s offer to allow Thomas to touch her “tiddies” is a joke, but it would be hard to blame him if he could think about nothing else right now than getting his hands on her. 


Mia, who calls herself The DC Sports Girl, is aching for a win tonight. She’s only recently begun to recover from the Capitals game seven loss to the Penguins in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 


We’ll be pulling for the Wizards in game seven tonight, if only becuase Mia posts much better pics on Instagram when she’s happy.