Mia Khalifa Needs Surgery After Hockey Puck Ruptures Breast Implant at Capitals Game

What the puck?


Mia Khalifa’s unrelenting fandom has spelled disaster for her cleavage.

The self-proclaimed DC Sports Girl was cheering on her Washington Capitals from rink-side seats at a playoff game when a stray hockey puck smashed into her left breast. 

“I was sitting behind the glass during a game, and it came shooting over the glass and it caught me so off guard and I had no idea it was coming,” Khalifa told the Daily Star. 


“I grabbed my chest and I didn’t want to let go, because I felt like if I did let go blood was going to be everywhere.”

The freak mishap apparently ruptured one of her breast implants. Khalifa revealed that she’ll be getting surgery to repair the damage in 2019.  

“They’re really heavy, it’s pure rubber, they go at about 80 mph,’ she said of the flying puck. “My left breast is slightly deflated now and I will be getting it fixed next year.”

When asked about her most agonizing sports-related moment, she said, “I’ve seen my team lose before, that’s a lot more painful.”

Even directly after the game, Khalifa’s outlook was that of a true fan. 


“I got hit in the boob with a puck during the game, and I’m 80% sure it ruptured an implant,” she wrote on Instagram in May. “But the good news is, I got a game used puck from a Capitals Stanley cup playoff game. Worth it.”

Khalifa currently co-hosts Rooster Teeth’s Sportsball podcast with former ESPN radio personality Tyler Coe. 

And as always, the Lebanese-American former porn star turned social media gadfly curates a fiery Instagram feed. Check out some of her most stunning recent pics below: