Mia Khalifa Says Story About Her Punching Fan And Getting Booted From Dodger Stadium Is ‘Fake News’

After the incident, she declared that “baseball sucks.”


On Saturday night, as the Dodgers were making the Cubs look silly on their way to a 5-2 win in game one of the NLCS, the internet’s favorite former porn star-turned-newbie sports broadcaster was in Dodger Stadium doing what she does best—getting noticed. 

Before the game was even over, a video popped up on Twitter showing Mia Khalifa being escorted out of the game. The Dodgers blogger who posted the video said she was getting kicked out for punching a guy who tried to take a selfie with her. 

While that doesn’t sound outside the realm of possibility for Khalifa, she denied the story on Instagram, writing “no, I didn’t get kicked out.”


In a sign that this whole story may have been orchestrated to get some press for her new Complex Sports show, Khalifa used the premiere episode to provide some more info. “It was fake news. I didn’t get kicked out,” she said on “Out of Bounds.”

She didn’t go much deeper into what happened, but Adam Caparell, one of her co-hosts and the guy in the video with Khalifa, mentions “an episode where a guy tried to be a little too cool.” No more details were given. 


One thing Khalifa did make clear though is that she’s unlikely to ever go back to Dodgers Stadium. Not because she’s been banned, but because she thinks “baseball sucks” and would rather watch a meaningless college football game on her phone than the NLCS.