Mini-Mayweather Is Fighting Mini-McGregor in the Biggest Little Fight of the Year

Think it will be a better fight than the real one?

There are a lot of ways to measure how big a sporting event is going to be, from the money the principles stand to make to the number of people who watch it on TV. But one often overlooked indicator of the magnitude of a sporting event is all the nonsense hat pops up around it. Say, a special deal at local brothels

When opportunists sense a chance to cash a check, they don’t pass it up and there are a lot of opportunists in Las Vegas. That’s how the world ends up with something like the event advertised on the poster above. 

Mini-Mayweahter vs. Mini-Gregor is a boxing match between two little people, one of whom looks nothing like Mayweather, but is black, and the other who looks nothing like Conor McGregor, but is white (and tattooed).

Mini-Mayweather is no stranger to capitalizing on the hype generated by the full-sized Mayweather. In 2015 he faced off against a guy calling himself Mini-Pacquio in a publicity-generating fight that was reportedly more entertaining—if slightly choreographed—than the one between the real fighters.

That’s not surprising, since Mayweather vs. Pacquiao was a complete snooze. There’s a decent chance that two mini fighters can pull off the same feat next month. 

If Mayweather vs. McGregor goes how some expect, it will be 12 rounds of the boxer absolutely the MMA fighter as fans grow increasingly agitated. Mini-Mayweather vs. Mini-McGregor meanwhile, should be nothing if not entertaining.