Minnesota Vikings Player Jerick McKinnon Remembers Harambe With Killer Cleats

Kickoff for Harambe.

The spirit of Harambe is apparently eternal. The unfortunate resident gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo was shot in the summer of 2016 to stop him from harming a boy who’d fallen in his enclosure. Soon he found new life as a sometimes bizarre meme. The Zoo naturally asked that the meme not be perpetuated, but apparently NFL player Jerick McKinnon of the Minnesota Vikings didn’t get that memo.

For practice prior to the Vikings’ game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, the running back hit the green in flashy purple shoes bearing the late ape’s likeness and the legend, “RIP Harambe.”

In case you wondered, his team is just fine with that.

Apparently Harambe has become an in-team joke among the Vikings.

We don’t know how this NFL season will turn out yet, but we do believe the Vikings are dangerously far behind in keeping up with the freshest memes.

h/t Time