Dog Interrupts Minor League Baseball Game to Play Fetch, And The Video Is Going Viral

Somebody sign this dog to an MLB team.

Baseball Dog 2
Twitter/@Tulsa Drillers

The Tulsa Drillers minor league baseball team’s Bark in the Park night yielded a doggone adorable viral moment. 

In the above video recorded by local news anchor, one German Shepherd couldn’t control her instincts to be a very good girl, and bolted after a baseball thrown by one of the players. What followed was surely the best game of fetch ever recorded at a minor league ball park. 

Watch it again from a second angle—you know you want to.


Though unplanned, owner Emily Diacon said the dog received “a ton of treats” for executing the impromptu play. 

For perhaps the first time ever, Twitter users unanimously agreed that the clip is fantastic.

Nothing brings people together like good dogs and baseball. 

h/t: Bro Bible, FTW