Major League Baseball Sluggers Are Going Nuts For Negan’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Bat

Find out why MLB superstars are obsessed with this barbed-wire beauty.


Negan and Lucille. (Photo: AMC)

It’s late February, which means Florida and Arizona are filling up with out-of-shape baseball players who will spend the next month shaking off five months of rust to prepare for the season ahead.

If you’re wondering how many of those players spent winter, the answer now seems obvious: They were watching The Walking Dead, just like everyone else. And AMC appears to know it. 

In the first week of spring training, the network has turned Negan’s skull-smashing baseball bat, lovingly dubbed Lucille, into the must-have item in the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues.

Now players who’ve received replicas of the bat are tweeting pictures of themselves pretending to be TV’s most sinister villain. Now, if they can crush baseballs with the same enthusiasm with which Negan crushes brains, they’ll all have huge seasons.