Watch This MMA Fighter Get Choked Unconscious, Then Wake Up and Win By Knockout In Crazy Finish

Definitely the greatest sports comeback you’ll see all day…

We have seen a lot of incredible comebacks in sports, but it’s hard to imagine one quite as a dramatic as the one Nashkho Galaev recently pulled off in Turkey

At ACB 64, the bantamweight MMA fighter from Russia looked like he was toast when Denis Mutsnek chocked him out in the cage. The referee lifts his arm, allows it drop limp and begins to end the fight. But before the ref can call the thing off, Galaev is awake and starts fending off Mutsnek.

Mutsnek has a legitimate gripe here, as it looks like the ref tapped him to indicate that the fight was over. Mutsnek then lets Galaev out of the choke and allows him to wake up. 

It took him a few minutes to recover, but by the time he came back ou tin the second he was ready to dominate. At the 2:08 mark, he caught Mutsnek with his right knee that put him on his ass. Unlike Galaev, he made no comeback. 

And that’s all, folks. 

This isn’t the first time a fighter was choked out, and then came back for a surprise victory. Check out this video of an Olympic wrestler who also pulled off the impossible last year.