Watch This MMA Fighter Take Out His Opponent With the Most Brutal Knockout of the Year

“This can happen, it’s fun.”


Watching South African Extreme Fighter Mzwandile Hlongwa end his match against previously undefeated opponent Torbjorn Madsen with a spinning elbow from Hell might make your own jaw hurt. 

It’s just that painful.

Hlongwa’s nickname is “Shakebone,” and it’s easy to see why, since he probably shook every bone in Madsen’s body. 

The match was only about 50 seconds old when Shakebone pulled this move, which was straight out of a video game or one of the Jason Bourne movies. Only Torbjorn Madsen wasn’t taking part in a stunt. 

Strangely, though, even Madsen admired Hlongwa’s work. reports:

Madsen was supervised by medical staff and taken out of the arena on a stretcher, but after recovering from the brutal KO he would later go on to tell TV 2: “I’m in the ambulance now.

“I’m going to a check in the hospital. Everything is fine. This can happen, it’s fun. Well done by him.”

Hlongwa has now won his last four fights after that furious first-round knockout triumph over Norwegian Madsen, who was previously unbeaten in five fights.

That’s the definition of a good sport, because even by MMA standards he was crushed. 

To Madsen’s credit, he’s also insanely tough, because how is the guy even talking at all?