This Disturbing Puppy Abuse Video Just Got Two College Football Players Suspended

This idiots deserve the harshest possible punishment…

Two players on the Middle Tennessee State University football team have been suspended after one of them shot a video of the other smacking around a helpless puppy. 

The disturbing clip, which was uploaded to Snapchat, shows linebacker Shalom Alvarez yanking the dog out from under a bed and hitting it. Defensive lineman Justin Akins was behind the camera. He also put it online with the caption, “[Expletive] said you don’t pay rent.” 

Nothing better than yuking it up about animal cruelty on social media. 

Though Akins only uploaded the video to SnapChat, an eagle-eyed viewer captured the clip after watching it horror. Oops.

Now police have launched an investigation. A local news report includes a grainy version of the video, which we’ve turned into a GIF below.

Rick Stockstill, head coach for the Blue Raiders, gave WSMV Channel 4 a statement about the video. He said the players told him that they were just trying to punish the puppy for peeing inside.

This isn’t animal abuse, they say, it’s house training. 

They’re wrong, of course. They may think they’re teaching this puppy to pee outside, but all they’re teaching it is to fear them. Dogs learn to pee in the grass by being taken outside to pee in the grass, not by getting concussions. 

So far, the players haven’t been charged or kicked off the team, but as the investigation progresses that could change. And if it doesn’t, expect to hear from our friends at PETA..