11 Reasons Chandler Parsons Is the NBA’s Biggest Stud

The Grizzlies forward is legend.


The Memphis Grizzlies missed the playoffs this year. By a lot. That may have been a bummer for fans, but it’s hard to imagine that forward Chandler Parsons cared.

After playing sparingly in an injury-riddled year, Parsons would have sat on the bench all post-season. Instead, he was at Coachella over the weekend with the latest in his long line of jaw-dropping lady friends. This one is named Cassie Amato, and though she’s not quite as famous as some of those who preceded her, she’s still a babe.


TMZ reported last month that Parsons, who’s black book is full of some pretty impressive names, was dating Amato. In fact, the 23-year-old model was dating Parsons at least as far back as Valentine’s Day, as these posts on their Instagrams makes clear. 


Enjoy a run-down of Parsons many galpals above and some more shots of Amato below.