Here’s How Much Time Brazil’s Neymar Has Spent on the Ground During the World Cup

The soccer star’s viral flops have inspired many a meme.

Neymar Jr. Promo
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Brazilian soccer star Neymar’s performance throughout the 2018 FIFA World Cup has been extraordinary. 

We aren’t referring to his athleticism or ability to make clutch plays, but rather his hilariously exaggerated flops. 

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According to a “study” by Swiss television station RTS Sport, Neymar’s penchant for thrashing about like a lunatic on the field has cost his team, opponents and fans 14 minutes that they’ll never get back. 

CBS Sports has identified two stand-out examples of the athlete’s ridiculously low tolerance for player-to-player contact. The first shows what happened when Mexico’s Miguel Layun briefly stepped on Neymar’s ankle while reaching to pick up a ball. 

The second occurred during Brazil’s match against Switzerland. It’s almost too stupid for words…

Neymar’s behavior hasn’t just drawn the ire of his detractors. The entire internet can’t stop ridiculing him in the form of fantastic memes.

If the whole soccer thing doesn’t workout, maybe Neymar should consider acting. Dude could probably win an Oscar.  

h/t: Mashable