NFL Honors O.J. Simpson During Super Bowl LIV Pre-Game Ceremony

Twitter wasn’t having it.

Super Bowls are huge TV events, often clocking hundreds of millions of viewers. That’s why it was inevitable that when someone slipped O.J. Simpson in the pre-game ceremony honoring the NFL’s centennial with the 100 greatest players of all time, it did not go unnoticed. 

Simpson, who admittedly holds some major NFL records, is infamous. 

If you’re the lone person who doesn’t know, we’ll remind you: In 1995 he was found not guilty of killing his ex, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her acquaintance Ron Goldman. He was later found guilty of the crime in civil court. Then, in 2008 he was found guilty of robbery in Nevada and he ended up spending nine years in jail before his release in 2017.

Simpson has even played with his image as an accused killer, at one point publishing a book titled If I Did It

Suffice it to say the NFL has long been very, very quiet on the subject of O.J. in general, considering his rep. His ending up in the NFL 100 tribute was something of a shock, and outraged tweets reflected that.

Simpson has a Twitter account with nearly a million followers, but as of 7 p.m. Sunday night he was silent regarding the honor.