Twitter Explodes After Former NFL Kicker Poses Holding a Gun With His Daughter and Her Prom Date

Jay Feely responded to the social media storm Sunday.

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A classic, silly dad joke got Jay Feely in some hot water Saturday. The former kicker for the Arizona Cardinals posted a photo on of himself on Twitter holding a gun, sandwiched between his daughter and her prom date.

He tweeted a friendly-sounding message, but the response he received online wasn’t friendly at all.

Jay Feely

The tweet was plenty popular, with thousands of likes and retweets, but it also launched a social media pile-on—the kind of pile-on that could only happen these days. 

Feely certainly had his defenders, but the critics were louder by a long shot. They accused the former pro kicker of behaving as if he owned his daughter and of insensitivity toward current gun control debates.

Brobible writer Paul Sacca’s tweet above is one of the best points made. This joke has been around for a pretty long time. Dads a little less famous than him have made goofy prom pics like this for years, sometimes pointing the gun straight at the unfortunate date. 

Feely, however, was probably a victim of his celebrity. He issued an apology Sunday morning.

Basically, Jay Feely was just being a lame dad, like thousands of dads everywhere. He likely had no idea of the shit storm that would come his way. 

We live in a singular moment, though. A lot of people are getting hit with criticism no one would have faced even two years ago. 

It’d be nice if people calmed down a bit. Probably won’t happen too soon.