NHL Playoffs: MaximBet’s Top 3 Stanley Cup-Winning Goals

There’s no greater NHL feat than scoring a Stanley Cup-winning goal. Which is your favorite?

NHL President John Ziegler presents Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier and Kevin Lowe of the Edmonton Oilers the Stanley Cup Trophy after a win over the Boston Bruins on May 26, 1988
(Getty Images)

Fast-paced, hard-hitting NHL action is at a height during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The combination of fiercely intense plays, bone-crunching hits, and thrilling competition keeps fans and bettors coming back for more. But the most memorable Stanley Cup moments come when a player scores a rare, tournament-clinching goal.

Here are MaximBet’s picks for the top three Stanley Cup-winning goals of all time.

Bobby Orr, Boston Bruins – 1970

Bobby Orr is considered one of the all-time greats of hockey, perhaps the greatest defenseman to ever lace up skates. Everything about this legendary Cup-clincher is pure gold. Just 40 seconds into overtime, Orr deflects a shot in for the goal that wins the series, giving Boston their first Cup in 30 years. Orr tripped as he threw his hands up in celebration, spawning the legendary flying Orr “flying” photo. 

Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks – 2010

Did it go in? What just happened? That’s the vibe that makes this Stanley Cup-winning goal so memorable. Patrick Kane is already celebrating the goal that wins it all for Chicago (the first in 49 years), but Philadelphia’s players and bench seem confused. Video officials confirmed the first Stanley Cup-clinching goal to happen during overtime in 10 years.

Wayne Gretzky, Edmonton Oilers – 1988


No list of hockey greats would be complete without The Great One himself. Although not as climactic as the other Cup clinchers, there’s a reason this one stands out for us. This was Wayne Gretzky’s final goal while wearing an Oilers jersey. After the game, The Great One asked for a pic of the whole Oilers organization with the Cup—a tradition has stood ever since. 

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