The Oakland A’s Trolled The Band Smash Mouth on Twitter Like Social Media All-Stars

The “All Star” rockers were looking kind of dumb.

We don’t know who actually handles social media for late 90s-early 00s hitmakers Smash Mouth, but after an online feud between them and the Oakland A’s, we’re thinking they may not be the sharpest tool in the shed. 

The blow-up started as many online battles do, with a relatively innocent comment or observation. In this case it came from a San Francisco sports writer, John Shea. Shea couldn’t help but note how valuable Coco Crisp has been to the American League champion Cleveland Indians after not doing much with the A’s.

Smash Mouth’s account responded to Shea, the Oakland A’s social media monitor noticed, and it was on.

We’d like to add here that it’s pretty funny how that asterisk kind of takes the sting out of “bullshit” and just makes it goofy. Either way, that was when the Athletics tweeter just decided to go there.

Ouch. To their credit, Smash Mouth then made a relatively solid point about the A’s last season. 

An A’s pitcher, Sean Doolittle, tried to dial things back in a clever enough way, but Smash Mouth’s tweeter wasn’t having it, apparently. 

The rest of this silliness, however, simply belonged to the A’s tweeting ace, who unfolded a scorching series of burns to shut out their critic.

If Cooperstown ever opens up a wing for pro baseball social media managers, that wicked grand slam of a pop culture burn deserves its own display. Game: Oakland A’s. 

h/t Fox Sports


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