Meet The Olympic Athletes Using Tinder at the 2018 Winter Games

When it comes to being horny, they all deserve a gold medal.
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(Photo: Instagram / Getty)

(Photo: Instagram / Getty)

We all know Olympic athletes are some of the horniest people in the world, and the Olympic village is just a giant bone-fest where all the super hot athletes are constantly banging each other. There’s just no denying that fact.

At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, a whopping 450,000 condoms were distributed to the 10,500 competing athletes, which works out to 42 condoms per athlete. And even though the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang is a much smaller event with around 2,000 athletes, they’re getting a record-breaking supply of 110,000 rubbers to hold them over, which is enough for each person to get it on approximately 50 times.

And since the Olympians need to put those condoms to good use, a lot of them are apparently finding their booty calls the same way the rest of us do: With Tinder.

In case you’re interested in seeing which of your favorite athletes is on the prowl for some sexy times on Tinder, there’s an Instagram account called @tinderpyeongchang that’s dedicated to the athletes spotted on the ever-popular dating app in South Korea. 

So far, 48 athletes have been spotted, but that number is definitely going to grow, considering this is the horniest Winter Olympics yet.