OnlyFans Model Vanessa Sierra Goes Viral After Complaining About Quarantine Conditions

The model girlfriend of tennis star Bernard Tomic is receiving “death threats” after joking about their COVID-19 lockdown.

OnlyFans content creator Vanessa Sierra is defending her obvious joke about conditions in quarantine with her boyfriend, tennis star Bernard Tomic. 

The photogenic couple is among more than 70 players who are unable to leave their rooms to train for 14 days before the Australian Open—the year’s first Grand Slam—begins on February 8.

ESPN reports World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has previously sent a list of “demands” to Australian Open organizers, asking for reduced isolation periods and the transfer of competitors to “private houses with isolation courts.”

Unfortunately for Sierra, what was meant to be a humorous vlog about the mandated lockdown got clipped and lumped in with multiple stories covering Djokovic’s serious requests, including this video package by a local Australian network 7NEWS Melbourne. 

“When you do order your food, they have to inspect it, and I don’t know what the hell they do. By the time food comes through, it’s so cold,” she said, which sounds like a genuine complaint. But Sierra’s second statement was clearly an intentional joke.

“This is the worst part of quarantine: I don’t wash my own hair I’ve never washed my own hair. It’s just not something that I do,” she said. 

Tennis bad boy Nicholas Kyrgios, currently ranked No. 47 in the world, called Djokovic “a tool” and accused Sierra of having “no perspective” in his retweet of the same news story. 

Sierra, who has 105,000 followers on Instagram and posts “naked, anti-guideline” content on OnlyFans, described severe backlash including “500 death threats” following media coverage of her jokey vlog in an Instagram post. 

“Thank you to all of you who have had my back through this absolute shit show today,” she wrote. “Never thought I’d wake up to 500 death threats and hate after poking fun at myself about my hair. It’s easy to take something out of context when you take 2 sentences out of a 10 minute vlog, and throw it in a negative news story on mainstream media amidst tennis player complaints about their mandatory quarantine.”

“Watching the snippets, as an outsider on channel 7’s twisted story with no idea of who I am, what I do, or having watched any of my previous vlogs of course its going to look bad,” Sierra continued. 

“Had these same people watched my vlog without [channel] 7’s influence, I’m sure they would’ve seen my video as tongue-in-cheek and lighthearted. People who know me know I’m not one to complain. And yes. I will make jokes to brighten a mentally challenging situation Love, Vanessa.”

Let’s not send death threats to anyone because of anything they say on social media. Just enjoy Sierra’s steamy content instead: