Manny Pacquiao Calls Out Floyd Mayweather: ‘Let’s Do A Second One’

Would ANYONE want to watch this rematch?

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The 2015 megafight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao was billed as the “Fight of the Century.” But it was one of the biggest pugilistic letdowns ever, with Mayweather easily outboxing the Filipino legend on the way to an excruciatingly boring 12-round decision victory.

There has never been much interest in a rematch to that pay-per-view debacle, but that hasn’t stopped a newly reenergized Pacquiao from calling for another shot at “Money” Mayweather, who was just tapped as the world’s highest-earning celebrity thanks to his super-lucrative win over Conor McGregor, which, say what you will, was a far more exciting fight than #MayPac ever was. 

A comebacking Pacquiao took time off from his day job as a senator in the Philippines to beat the formerly fearsome Lucas Matthysse for the WBA welterweight title last Sunday. After clinching his 60th victory, Pac-Man drew eye rolls among boxing fans by challenging Mayweather to another fight.

“Mayweather? If he decides to go back to boxing then that is the time we are going to call the shots,” Pacquiao told reporters when asked about a possible rematch. “I have the belt, so it’s up to him. If he wants to come back in boxing, let’s do a second one.”

Mayweather, 41, has not fought since his megabout with McGregor last August, and has been trolling fans about returning for an MMA fight. Pacquiao 39, has no real chance in a rematch, but would obviously love another monster payday. 

Since a rematch with Mayweather may be a pipe dream that absolutely no one wants to see, Pac’s next fight could be against Amir Khan or Vasyl Lomachenko, who is perhaps the top pound-for-pound fighter in the sport .

“Yes that’s a potential opponent; Amir Khan,” Pacquiao said. “There’s a lot of potential opponents there, like Lomachenko, there are so many fighters that have potential to be my opponent next.”

Let’s just hope it isn’t a rematch with Mayweather.