8 Times Paige Spiranac Made the Golf Green a Better Place

Golf's sexiest star is totally crushing it.
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Paige Spiranac Promo

Paige Spiranac made her name by posting golf videos to Instagram, but she's gone from turning heads on the green to nabbing major modeling gigs that landed her in both the Maxim Hot 100 and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue this year. 

Paige Spiranac attends The Maxim Hot 100 Experience in Hollywood. 

Paige Spiranac attends The Maxim Hot 100 Experience in Hollywood. 

But through it all, Spiranac has remained a staunch advocate for victims of bullying, a topic she opened up about in a new regular column she contributes to Golf.com.  

"Before taking up the game of golf, I was a young girl with horrible asthma and a hair condition that made me nearly bald until I was about 10 — a girl who was bullied incessantly," she writes. 

"I started playing golf after a broken knee led me to quit my career as an elite gymnast. It wasn’t long before I became one of the world’s top-ranked amateur players."

Soon after beginning her amateur career, Spiranac realized that competition took the fun out of playing golf for her. 

"On the range and in practice rounds I was shooting lights out, but in competition I fell apart. It was terribly frustrating," she writes. 

"It wasn’t until last year that I figured out the problem: I just don’t love competitive golf. What I love is the game itself." 

"I love being outdoors, practicing, and smelling the freshly cut grass at 6 a.m. as the sun rises. But I didn’t love travel, or pressure, or the mean-spiritedness of my competitors." 

Don't worry—she's not putting her clubs down anytime soon. 

Here, eight glorious times Spiranac made the golf green a better place: 

She kicked off fall with a festive outfit. 

She has insane ball control.  

Her preshot ritual is epic. 

She has a great sense of humor. 

Her trick shots don't always go as planned. 

She can drive in high heels...

...or something more casual. 

And she's got solid putting tips!

Here's a sampling of even more from the gorgeous golf star. Enjoy!