Paige Spiranac Says PGA Tour-LIV Golf Merger Is ‘Great For The Game’

“LIV, laugh, love.”

(Aaron Davidson/Getty Images)

As pro golfers and fans reel over the potential ramifications of the PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger, Paige Spiranac is keeping a cool head.

The end of a bitter rivalry between the rival professional leagues was announced to much surprise on June 6, as the longstanding PGA Tour and and Saudi-backed LIV Golf committed to joining forces.

“After two years of disruption and distraction, this is a historic day for the game we all know and love,” PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan said in a statement.

“Going forward, fans can be confident that we will, collectively, deliver on the promise we’ve always made—to promote competition of the best in professional golf and that we are committed to securing and driving the game’s future.”

Many are uncertain about what this means for the future of professional golf, but as the world’s most-followed golf influencer, Spiranac is encouraging fans to stay calm and see what happens.

“Deep breath in, deep breath out,” Spiranac began a video posted by her sponsor, online sportsbook PointsBet USA.

“Here’s what we know: Nutin’. I don’t know anything. You don’t know anything. Golf media knows nothing. Don’t trust these ‘sources.’ Players were shocked by this news and still seem to know nothing,” Spiranac noted.

Indeed, many PGA players, including No. 67-ranked Mackenzie Hughes, Michael Kim and former PGA champion Padraig Harrington, were caught off-guard.

“There are a handful of people who do know what’s going on and they don’t even have a name for this yet,” Spiranac continued. “There’s even a risk that U.S. and European regulators could block the merger under antitrust concerns.”

“You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to sit back, watch this all play out.”

Spiranac also referenced a statement made in a press conference by No. 3-ranked Rory McIlroy, who has been a staunch defender of the PGA tour and a harsh critic of LIV. Even he admitted, “Removing myself from the situation, I see how this is better for the game of golf, there’s no denying it.”

“Just like what Rory said at his press conference, ultimately this is going to be great for the game of golf and especially for us as fans,” Spiranac cited.

It’s worth noting that McIlroy also said, “It is hard for me not to feel like a sacrificial lamb. I put myself out there,” per the New York Post.

Regardless, Spiranac focused on the positives of the PGA-LIV news.

“We’re going to see the best players in the world competing against each other and hopefully in some new team formats. And, can the guys wear shorts now?!”

“So remember everyone, LIV, laugh, love,” she concluded.

On a more personal note, Spiranac also recently shared stunning images from her latest feature in Golf Digest, which delves how she leveraged her beauty to build a multimillion-dollar golf influencer empire… and defied haters along the way.

“It’s been powerful to walk into a room knowing the platform I’ve built and the influence I have, and it’s not just because of my body; it’s my brain, who I am as a person, the whole package. I never wanted to be an influencer. Now I’ve become so influential they can’t ignore me,” Spiranac said.

“Basically… my career has become a ‘Fuck you’ to everyone.”

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