Paige Spiranac Vs. Paige VanZant: Who Ya Got?

Golf beauty Spiranac and MMA stunner VanZant are both athletes named “Paige”—but whose fiery Instagram feed will emerge victorious?

Paige Spiranac Paige VanZant Split (1)
Left: Instagram/@_paige.renee

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The heyday of tennis bombshell Anna Kournikova proved that even if you’re not performing at the top of your sport, savvy marketing and undeniable sex appeal can give some athletes a higher profile than their more accomplished peers. And the Instagram age has made that truism even more dramatic. 

Take Paige Spiranac and Paige VanZant. Both are bombshell blondes named Paige who are most associated with their chosen sports. Spiranac is a former college golfer turned influencer and podcaster best known for her sexy golf-themed videos and photos. Former UFC fighter VanZant may not be considered an elite competitor by MMA experts, but has turned heads with a Instagram feed full of racy photos and even parlayed her Internet fame into a stint on Dancing With the Stars.

Both women have risen to the top of the social media game and have reaped the success of their headline-grabbing ‘Grams. So whose feed is more fiery, self-proclaimed “OG Insta golf girl” Spiranac with 2.8 million followers? Or VanZant, who now juggles modeling and influencing with fighting for Bare Knuckle FC, and boasts 2.7 million followers? 

Check out some of their recent IG posts below, then go to on your phone to predict the winner of this challenge and other fun face-offs!

 Paige Spiranac

Paige VanZant

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