Paige Spiranac Reveals Her Ideal Golf Tee Time

The “OG Insta Golf Girl” is NOT a morning person.

Paige Spiranac
Getty Images

Yes, Paige Spiranac may be the most photogenic golfer in the known world (sorry, John Daly). But the head-turning Instagram influencer is a highly trained athlete and she has some interesting things to say about her chosen sport. 

She also has her unique routines and preferences when it comes to the game and recently shared one that might be interesting to others with her love of the game. Turns out that she’s not exactly a morning person.

Regarding when she likes to hit the links, morning or evening, Spiranac — who played golf for both San Diego State University and the University of Arizona — stated that thanks to the kind of setting she’s usually in, she would rather haul her clubs onto the green in late afternoon. 

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“Early morning rounds of golf or late afternoon? When I was playing competitively I loved early tee times but now nothing is better than 9 holes while the sun is setting.”

So she likes to head out when the sun is low, nearing the golden hour. It sounds more like Spiranac likes to use her time on the course to chill, which is pretty damn relatable.

If you can’t hit the links right now, then at least chill with some shots from Paige Spiranac’s entertaining Instagram below. 

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