Paige Van Zant Deleted This Sexy Video After Bitter Backlash From Other UFC Fighters

One pissed-off rival even called PVZ “slutty” because of the clip…

No matter what Paige Van Zant accomplishes in the Octagon, she will always have haters. That’s the inevitable truth for a fighter who’s both ridiculously good looking and not shy about flaunting it

Over the weekend, PVZ added some fuel to the haters’ fires when she posted a video on Instagram promoting a new Reebok line. It’s petty steamy as far as sponsored content goes, and sparked a backlash from fellow  fighters who see this as another example of Van Zant trading on her looks, rather than her skills. No wonder she deleted it.

Former Invicta FC champion Angela Hill, who has one fight under her belt with the UFC, chimed in with a spot-on tweet comparing PVZ’s video to those chat line commercials that used to blanket late night TV. 

UFC bantamweight Lauren Murphy declared Van Zant “slutty,” which seems like a little much.

Some male MMA fighters reacted to the video too. The UFC’s Jeremy Kenny was shocked, while One Championship fighter Ben Askren was eager to see more. 

Van Zant’s no stranger to these kind of insults. It comes with the territory for athletes who look like she does. To be fair, she also invites some of the criticism by appearing on shows like Dancing With the Stars and posting embarrassing videos like the one above.

Still, PVZ isn’t totally at fault here. She may be guilty of some cringeworthy moves, but Reebok chose her as one of the few UFC fighters to get an individual deal. Did her looks play a part in that? Without a doubt.

But it takes a real asshole to begrudge her a chance to make some extra coin. After all, she’s lost two out of her last three fights. She might not have a chance to get paid for much longer.