Paige VanZant Admits She Got Breast Implants: ‘They Never Came, So I Bought Them’

The UFC fighter had something to get off her chest after before and after photos caused rampant speculation in the MMA world.

After a week of wild speculation, UFC fighter Paige VanZant confirmed to TMZ that she did in fact get breast implants

“Yep, I did get a boob job,” she told the site. “I’m a girl and always wanted my own boobs. They never came so I bought them.”

If you want visual evidence, here’s a shot from her Instagram posted in April.

And here’s one from last week.

The mystery of VanZant’s larger bust has been a recent topic of conversation in the MMA world. 

Michael Bisping joked about it on his podcast this week. Then he congratulated her. “Yeah, she’s had a boob job. Good for her. Well done. Why the hell not,” he said. 

If you’re wondering how VanZant’s new assets will effect her MMA career, there’s no reason they have to. The UFC’s  Pearl Gonzalez also has breast implant, which we know becuase they almost prevented her from fighting last year at UFC 210. It wasn’t the implants that were a problem, but New York State Athletic Commission, which said she couldn’t fight because of the danger posed by a potentially ruptured implant. 

Getty Images, Video Still

Gonzalez was eventually allowed to fight and though she lost, it wasn’t because of her boobs.

“They are safe,” she later told MMA Fighting.“I did that research before I got the procedure done.”

So VanZant’s career is not likely to end becuase of her implants. If anything, it will end becuase she can’t win any more. The 24-year-old has lost three of her last four fights and appears more concerned with advancing her career outside of the cage than inside of it. This latest development will only help with that.