Watch UFC Hottie Paige VanZant Put a Soldier to Sleep at USO Event


When we last saw Paige VanZant, the flyweight fighter was showing just how tough she is at UFC 124. Though she lost to Jessica-Rose Clark by unanimous decision, VanZant revealed after the fight that she’d broken her arm in the first round and kept on pounding

Now that arm appears to be healthy and on a recent USO Tour, VanZant used it to put a soldier to sleep. 

Video of the incident picks up with VanZant telling the poor fella, “I won’t choke you out.”

The crowd greets that with a boo. VanZant’s fellow UFC fighter Max Holloway also wanted to see the dude take a nap. And Jon Stewart, the third in this strange trio, attempted to start a chant of “Sleep, sleep, sleep.” It didn’t catch on. 

After VanZant locked in her rear-naked choke, it didn’t take long for the guy in her grasp to go limp. The crowd went wild. 

Holloway helped the guy up and VanZant apologized.

“Holy shit,” both Stewart and Holloway said. 

VanZant has documented her trip on Instagram and included one picture of her allowing a soldier to put her in a rear-naked choke. We’re assuming this one didn’t end like the one above.

Along with VanZant’s takedown of a man twice her size, the other highlight of the trip was a mock face-off between Holloway and Stewart, in which the 55-year-old comic exposed himself to the world and then got a wedgie.