WWE Suspends Paige for 60 Days After Second Wellness Policy Violation

The formers Divas Champ denies any wrongdoing.
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The WWE suspended former Divas Champion Paige for 60 days on Monday after she violated the promotion's wellness policy, her second suspension in only a matter of months. 

In most cases, violations of the wellness policy occur when wrestlers test positive for banned substances, but Paige denies that either of her suspensions were the result of PEDs.

In September, she put out a statement saying her first suspension came because she wasn't at home when the WWE's drug testing agency showed up to collect her pee. "I took the test, I passed it," she wrote. "Unfortunately, I didn't do it in time."

This time, she's got another excuse. 

Paige's father has chimed in on Facebook to defend his daughter, writing that she "has been prescribed pain killers which apparently is against the wellness program." It should be noted that he's wrong. Painkillers aren't against the policy, but taking them without alerting the WWE is.