Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Filmed Pouring Water on Ravens Fan After Chiefs Loss

“They were thirsty.”

Getty Images

Jackson Mahomes, younger brother of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, didn’t take kindly to verbal taunts from Ravens fans after Kansas City’s 36-35 loss to Baltimore. 

In a TikTok video that’s been clipped and shared by multiple Twitter accounts, Patrick responds to heckles from fans in Ravens jerseys by dumping a water bottle on their heads. 

“I’m so sorry for you,” one provocateur can be heard shouting as Jackson unscrews the cap of the beverage. Even after getting soaked, the unfazed cameraman flips the lens on himself and screamed, “Let’s go!”

Jackson, who has 255,000 followers on Instagram and 28,500 more on Twitter, didn’t say much of anything in the viral video. But the social media star did respond to Barstool Sports’ posting of the video, cheekily writing, “They were thirsty.”

He also acknowledged the encounter in his Instagram stories. 

“Why do people hate on this dude, all he does is support his brother, and at the end of the day, he makes more money than both your parents combined,” one commenter wrote, to which Jackson responded, “Facts.”

The New York Post reports that the woman in the video is Kayla Nicole, the girlfriend of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Before the game, Jackson and Nicole were joined by Patrick’s fiancee Brittany Matthews on the sidelines. 

Jackson also gave a birthday shout to bigger brother Patrick after he turned 26 on September 17.

“Happy birthday g!” Jackson wrote. “Hope you had a great birthday yesterday! Keep killing it my guy!”