Pittsburgh Penguins Fans Celebrate Back-to-Back Stanley Cups By Eating Raw Catfish

This is absolutely revolting.


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After the Pittsburgh Penguins closed out the Nashville Predators last night to take down the team’s second straight Stanley Cup, fans got weird. And not the typical weird you see when drunk people watch their favorite millionaire athletes win a big trophy. 

These maniacs ate raw catfish. 

There’s actually a reason for this madness. It’s not a good reason, but it is a reason. 

Catfish are a good luck charm for Predators fans, who’ve been known to wing the slimy carcasses of these whiskered fish on to the ice after an important goal. They’ve also been known to get affectionate with them.

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So it’s only natural then that after the Penguins vanquished the Preds on the ice, its fans would devour their talisman. 


The only person who had more fun after the Pens win was this kid shooting Gatorade on Matt Cullen’s ass.