The Philadelphia Eagles Can’t Stop Making Up Hilarious Touchdown Celebrations

Try to imagine the Patriots doing this.

The Philadelphia Eagles are—just objectively speaking—having a great season. Their record is 9-1, and they’ve really begun to revel in every win. So much so that Eagles end zone celebrations after a touchdown are turning into a thing.

Today, as they were in the process of just destroying the Chicago Bears, they may have leveled up. After wide receiver Alshon Jeffery caught a touchdown, the team lined up and he fake-bowled a strike, knocking them down like ten-pins.  

Philadelphia Eagles celebration
Perfect strike

Eagles fans and viewers in general mostly loved it, and it showed on social media.

The bowling celebration wasn’t the only one of the day, either. After a play that ultimately didn’t go their way late in the game, the Eagles broke out the electric slide.

They’ve been doing this for a while. In a couple of games, the team celebrated with a baseball theme.

If you’re pulling for the team on the wrong end of these celebrations, it’s only natural you might really hate the Eagles for rubbing their opponents’ noses in it. 

At the same time, these shenanigans add some extra fun to a game that can at times—for many reasons—be deadly serious.

After all, you couldn’t imagine the entire New England Patriots getting a little goofy like that, can you? 

That’s about as likely as Bill Belichick not wearing a hoodie on the sidelines.

h/t Brobible