Marshawn Lynch Narrating The Crazy Iguana Chase from ‘Planet Earth II’ Is Pure Perfection

This epic mash-up of the escaping lizard and Lynch’s “Beast Quake” run is a must-see.

Last month the BBC released a clip from Planet Earth II that shows just how thrilling nature can be. The viral footage of an intrepid iguana escaping the clutches of a snake mob in the Galapagos is incredible on its own, but thanks to one savvy Redditor it’s now even better. 

The brilliant /u/TheCoachTaylor synced up the iguana’s improbable escape with audio of Marshawn Lynch talking about his famous “Beast Quake” run. That was the 67-yard touchdown run he reeled off in the 2011 NFC Wild Card against the Saints. 

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In what might be the greatest run in NFL history, Lynch discarded defenders like they were gnats as the crowd in Seattle got so loud that a nearby seismograph registered a small tremor at the stadium. 

Here’s the iguana mash-up with the original video of Lynch’s run below.

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If you dig that iguana footage, you’re going to want to check out Planet Earth II  in its entirety. 

It came out last month and this extended trailer is a taste of how much it will blow your mind.