Watch This Race Car Driver Crash, Brawl and Get Tasered and Arrested on Track

You’ve never seen anything quite like this.

If you’re a weekend warrior race car driver, putting in work at the Anderson Speedy outside of Indianapolis, there’s not much opportunity to make a splash. 

But drivers Shawn Cullen and Jeffrey Swinford figured out one way to do it. On Saturday, the two dumbasses got into a fight in the middle of the track after multiple crashes and after one of them was taken down with a taser, both were led away in handcuffs. 

Of course, it was also caught on video.

Swinford, the moron in the black car who drove on to the hood of the number 33 car, was charged with criminal recklessness. Cullen, the moron who ran to Swinford’s window and started throwing haymakers, was cited for disorderly conduct, according to the The Herald Bulletin

Cullen, who was taken down with a taser by local police, may have suffered the brunt of the embarrassment in this video, but Swinford was banned from the track for intentionally ramming the number 33 car.

“Swinford just got mad and used his car as a weapon. We’ve never had anything like that happen. It’s just beyond my comprehension,” track owner Rick Dawson said. “Swinford will not race at this racetrack as long as I own it, and I plan to own it for a long time.”

It’s not exactly rare for tempers to flare on the race track. Drivers have been known to jump out of there cars and put up their dukes, especially when they blame the other for wrecking their car. Here are some driver fights from the past.