Meet the Instagram Hottie at the Center of a Brutal NFL Beef

It's no wonder they're fighting over her.
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Let’s jump back in the time machine for a moment and go all the way back to Sunday. The Browns and Titans were playing a forgettable game when, on a punt return, Titans running back Antonio Andrews lit up Browns safety Jordan Poyer with a devastatingly brutal hit that sent him to the hospital. Just watch it here:

Poyer was diagnosed with a lacerated kidney and the Browns put him on injured reserve, which means he’ll miss at least eight games.

Clearly, Poyer already had a reason to be pissed at Andrews, but then he added fuel to the fire by posting a video of the hit on Instagram and captioning it “Relentless.” This did not sit well with Poyer. 

Andrews replied back with something about Poyer's hurt feelings and telling him to get well soon. 

Then Poyer's girlfriend, Instagram model Rachel Bush, chimed in and things got really interesting. On Thursday, Bush posted a screenshot showing that Andrews was creeping on her Instagram pics weeks before the game. In another message she suggested that Andrews may have targeted Poyer on Sunday. Why? Perhaps out of jealousy that his girl doesn't look like this:

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