Enter the Gore-Filled World of Bullfighting With This Intense Clip From HBO’s ‘Real Sports’

Watch out for your throats, eye sockets, and rectums.


The harrowing injuries sustained by bullfighters have produced some of the most viral stories of the past year, after royally pissed-off cows have ripped through throats, eye sockets, and even rectums. Now, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel is stepping into the bullring to investigate this dangerous and controversial tradition. 

Real Sports correspondent Jon Frankel traveled to the epicenter of bullfighting in Seville, Spain, to go inside the life-and-death bloodsport and meet two of its most famed matadors—Juan José Padilla and Cayetano Ordóñez.

You may recognize José Padilla by his nickname, “The Pirate.” He’s the same matador with bull-sized balls whose eye was gored out in 2011 but continues to compete. 

Real Sports has released an exclusive clip from their upcoming program featuring an interview with the man. He reveals that “of the 38 gorings, nine have been so serious that I almost lost my life in them.” 


Grab the bull by the horns with Real Sports when the episode premieres Tuesday, June 20, at 9:00 PM CT.