Red Sox Superfan’s First Pitch Goes Wild and Nails a Photographer Right in the Nuts


A lot can go wrong during a ceremonial first pitch. We’ve seen some doozies over the years. We’ve never seen anything like this. 

Cancer survivor Jordan Leandre was given first pitch honors Wednesday night at Fenway before the Sox played the Cleveland Indians. Leandre, who now plays high school baseball, unleashed a corker that hit a photographer square in the nads. 

Obviously it was an accident—this guy has the aim of Mr. Magoo. His reaction to watching the near-castration makes it clear he immediately felt terrible about it. 

The man on the other end of this beanball was Tony Capobianco. The photographer snapped this future Pulitzer Prize of Crotch Shot photos just before impact.

Capobianco clarified on Twitter that the whole incident was hilarious to him and the ball was “just a bit outside.” We assume that means it didn’t make direct dick contact.

The best part of this story might be the reactions from the old guys standing behind Leandre as he zeroed in on Capobianco’s ‘strike zone.’ 

Members of the 1967 Red Sox have been off the field for a long time, but it looks like they damn sure still remember just how painful the game could be.