The Red Sox Trolled the Yankees in The Most Brutal Way Possible After Win

“Start spreading the news…”

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The rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees is literally a century old, dating back to Babe Ruth’s move from Boston to New York and the Sox’s ensuing 86-year World Series dry streak. 

Tuesday night, the Sox had no problems with leaning into that rivalry, and they used Frank Sinatra to do it. 

How is it not anything but ice cold to use New York’s unofficial anthem against them? Or at least it seems ice cold until you know they were basically throwing a Yankees move right back in the Bronx Bombers’ faces.

Basically, gigantic Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge started it after they won the second game of the four-game series. He pointedly made a pass by the Sox locker room, the same song blasting from a boombox.

The Sox are done with their old enemies until next season, though. They next face Justin Verlander’s Houston Astros at Fenway Park. 

Someone in the Red Sox organization is probably downloading “Yellow Rose of Texas” from iTunes right now.