Woooo! Celebrate Ric Flair’s Wildest Moments With This Amazing WWE Video

The Nature Boy celebrated his birthday with his craziest clip ever.

Ric Flair turned 68 over the weekend, and the WWE celebrated by cutting together some of the old-school wrestler’s most insane moments into a 72-second reel that’s the YouTube video equivalent of of a pile of amazing cocaine. Just watch and try not to yell, “Woooo!”

What’s incredible about Flair is that the energy he exudes in that video has hardly waned as he’s pushing 70. Not only is he still mixing it up with the WWE, but he’s staying fit in his down time. Just last month, a video of him deadlifting 400 pounds went viral—and not because he died in the middle of it.


Flair has still got it even outside the gym. He can still produce a ridiculous promo, as he did in these car dealership commercials, and he can still run his mouth, as last year’s dust-up with Conor McGregor proved

If you don’t recall, Flair replied to McGregor dissing the WWE by saying that the Irish UFC star “built a career copying my persona.”

Hell, Flair is even still killing it with the ladies. In July, he announced his engagement to the woman who will become his fifth wife. On Valentine’s Day, he licked the lucky lady’s teeth then posted a picture of it on Instagram.

I love my Wendy More than anything! Happy Valentine's Day beautiful.

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Get it, Nature Boy.