Watch Wrestling Icon Ric Flair Call Out World’s Most Obnoxious Basketball Dad LaVar Ball

“He told ESPN, ‘I’m undefeated.’ That’s only because he hasn’t run into me.”

Ric Flair Lavar Ball
Left: YouTube

It seems that everyone has had enough of LaVar Ball’s brazen shit-talking and showboating—including former WWE superstar Ric Flair. 

Yes, even the Nature Boy couldn’t resist commenting on Ball’s behavior during an appearance on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football. 

“Do you want me to bring up LaVar Ball,” Flair asked the hosts. “That’s too easy, man.” Flair said. “He told [ESPN’s] Stephen A. Smith, ‘I’m undefeated.’ That’s only because he hasn’t run into me. Woo!”

Flair was clearly joking about beating LaVar Ball on the court or even in the ring—the man is 68 years old and has been retired for nearly ten years. 

But he also talked more seriously about the awkward spot Ball puts his son, UCLA basketball star Lonzo Ball, in by saying things like, “You can’t win no championship with three white guys because the foot speed is too slow,” after UCLA lost during the NCAA tournament. 

“[Lonzo Ball] is absolutely phenomenal. To me, he’s putting him in a very uncomfortable position,” Flair said. 

“Now I’ve lived vicariously through my daughter [WWE superstar Charlotte Flair] a few times. I’m guilty of it. But come on. I think he puts him in a very difficult position with a lot of pressure on him.”   

Anyone with children would likely agree with Flair’s analysis. Even so, we kind of wish he hadn’t brought up LaVar at all. The guy’s already getting way more time in spotlight than he deserves.

h/t: CBS Sports