Ric Flair’s Family Asks for Prayers As the Wrestling Legend is Hospitalized in Intensive Care

Tag a Flair fan who would want to wish the ailing “Nature Boy” well.

Ric Flair needs your prayers, a representative for the wrestling icon’s family said on Twitter after the 68-year-old was admitted to the ICU in a Georgia hospital.

Flair checked into the hospital on Saturday to have his heart checked out, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet. Melinda Morris Zanoni, the CEO of Legacy Talent LLC, initially tweeted that Flair’s visit was routine and no reason to worry. 

On Sunday evening, she logged back on with a much more dire message. 

Flair most recently appeared on his Instagram less than a week ago to promote his merch website. In the video, he appeared as healthy as ever. 


Flair is one the most enduring figures in wrestling history thanks to his unique combination of in-ring athleticism and an out-sized on-camera personality. His ability to bounce around the ring tuned him into a wrestling superstar, but it was his legendary promos that made him a pop culture figure. 

It’s telling that at nearly 70 and years removed from actually participating in the ring, Flair remains one of the wrestling world’s biggest stars. 

He’s still cutting commercials, making public appearances and inspiring fans to salivate over the upcoming documentary about his life. 

Get well soon, Ric, and we look forward to hearing you yell your trademark “woooo!” for years to come.