Wooo! Wrestling Legend Ric Flair is ‘Getting Better’ But Still Has a Long Way to Go

We’ve got the latest details on the Nature Boy’s condition.


A week after Ric Flair fans began preparing for the worst, there’s some good news out of Atlanta, where the Nature Boy was been hospitalized with what his family will only call “tough medical issues.”

Flair “is awake, communicating and progressing …but there have been complications so he needs rest for the first time in 40 years,” his spokeswomen wrote on Facebook. “He did cut a promo on a nurse yesterday so anyone that knows Ric knows that’s a very good.”

The idea of Flair lying in a hospital bed hitting nurses with classic Nature Boy material is enough to make even the most pessimistic wrestling fan feel better about his chances of recovery.

So far though, we know very little about what ails the 68-year-old. His fiancé has said that he’s suffering from “multiple organ problems,” but beyond that all we have is rumor. And those have pointed toward booze. 

Flair has admitted to alcohol issues in the past and one report says he had part of his bowel removed after an intestinal blockage was discovered. According to Sports Illustrated, “Flair’s alcohol intake has exacerbated his issues.” 

The magazine adds: “Flair will need significant time for his entire body to recover. The surgery led to further complications, which could force a hospital stay of over a month.”


Flair’s daughter, Charlotte, was supposed to appear at WWE’s SummerSlam this weekend before her father’s medical issues. Her appearance was cancelled as she sat by her father’s side. On Sunday, she sent out this picture with a heartfelt note saying that her father is “getting better.” 

Can’t wait to see him back in a sequined robe yelling “Woooo!”